4 Papers Accepted for Presentation at ICA

4 Papers from our group members are accepted for presentation at ICA to be held in Singapore on 22-26 June 2010, they are:

1,Zhu, Jonathan JH , Lu, Heng & Mo, Qian. Sustainability of Blogging Behavior: Survival Rate Analysis.

2,Zhang, Lun & Yao, MZ.Cognitive Process and Persuasive Effects of Pictorial-Metaphor Advertisings.

3,Zhang, Lun & Zhu, Jonathan JH.Matthew Effect or Ceiling Effect? Evolution of the Digital Divide: A Cross-Society and Within-Society Comparison.

4,Liang, Hai & Xue, Ke. The Impact of Social Interaction on the Hostile Media Effect: A Peripheral Route of Information Processing.

ICA(International Communication Association) is the largest and arguably most prestigious professional organization in the field of media and communication, which holds its annual convention outside the United States once every four years. All paper submissions are rigorously peer-reviewed.



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