CityU CSS 2016 Workshop Drew an Attentive Crowd

The 2016 CityU Workshop on Computational Approaches to Big Data in the Social Sciences and Humanities (CityU CSS 2016) held on June 6 with more than 100 participants attended.


“CityU CSS 2016 could be characterized as interdisciplinary speakers, cutting-edge topics, and spicy dialogues”, introduced by Jonathan Zhu who organized the Workshop. Six speakers from sociology, political science, business studies, computer science, and mathematics presented their cutting-edge research on frontiers of computational social science and humanities, such as online experiments, scraping social network data, processing text data, quantifying human history, modeling geolocation data and visualizing user behavior.

image002 image003 image004
Jaime Settle of William & Marry College vs. Tetsuro Kobayashi of CityU on online experiment Robert Ackland of Australian National University vs. Hai Liang of Hong Kong University on web scraping (Wayne) Xin Zhao of Renmin University of China vs. Chengjun Wang of Nanjing University on text processing
image005 image006 image007
Steffen Roth of ESC School of Business vs. Jonathan Zhu of CityU on culturomics for computational history Federico Botta of University of Warwick vs. Winson Peng of Nanyang Technological University on mobile data Nan Cao of NYU-Shanghai vs. Jie Qin of Savannah College of Arts & Design on data visualization
image008 image009 image010

The speeches were followed by lively debates moderated by a team of commentators who are faculty members of Department of Media and Communication or Ph.D. graduates of Web Mining Lab.

Also participating in the dialogues were over 90 members of the audience who are faculty members, academic researchers, graduate students, and business/media analytics from Hong Kong, the U.S, mainland China, Macau, Singapore, and elsewhere.

geolocation_audience job_audience

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