Winson Elected Inaugural Chair of ICA IGCM

June 20, 2016 by
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At the first business meeting of Computational Methods Interest Group (IGCM) of International Communication Association (ICA) on June 12 in Fukuoka, Japan, Winson Peng won 98% of the votes to become the inaugural Chair of IGCM.

A year ago, Jonathan Zhu and Winson Peng proposed to form IGCM at a Blue Sky Workshop in ICA 2015. More than 50 ICA members subsequently joined the initiative by submitting a formal proposal to ICA. ICA Board of Directors approved the proposal in January 2016.

The business meeting in Fukuoka also passed the By-Laws of IGCM, which signified the official foundation of IGCM. Also elected at the meeting was Vice Chair Wouter van Atteveldt from UV University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and Frederik De Grove from University of Gent (Belgian).

“This is the most attended inaugural meeting in ICA’s history,” noted by Michael Haley, Executive Director Emeritus of ICA, who attended the business meeting to observe the adoption of By-Laws and election of IGCM officers.




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