Lab Members Played Active Roles at CCR2017 in Nanjing

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The 2nd Annual Conference and Workshops of Computational Communication Research (CCR 2017) was held at Nanjing University on September 22-21, 2017. The event was jointly organized by School of Journalism and Communication, Nanjing University; Baidu; Social Media Processing Committee of Chinese Information Processing Society of China; Centre for Communication Research and Web Ming Lab, City University of Hong Kong. About 100 scholars and students in communication, computer science, and other computing related disciplines in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and elsewhere participated in the conference and workshops.
The conference includes workshops, presentations, and poster sessions. The workshops lasted a one-and-a-half days, with two parallel themes on “Network Approaches to Information Diffusion” and “Text Data Mining”, respectively. The workshops attracted a large number of young researchers and students interested in computing communication research. Yixin Zhou of Web Mining Lab participated in the workshops and contributed a paper on “Influence between emerging adult offline and online friendships: the moderating role of personality” to the poster session.
Several other members of the Lab also play an active role in CCR 2017. Three graduates of the Lab, including Dr. Chengjun Wang (currently an associate professor at Nanjing University), Dr. Lun Zhang (an associate professor at Beijing Normal University), and Dr. Zhenzhen Wang (a data scientist at Tencent) served the instructors of the workshops. Chengjun was also the chief organizer of the conference. As a co-chair of the conference, Prof. Jonathan Zhu delivered a keynote speech on “Rich mines, poor mines, and pitfalls in computational communication research”.



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