Jonathan Zhu named ICA Fellow

June 5, 2018 by
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Jonathan has been named a Fellow by the International Communication Association (ICA), the premier international academic association for communication researchers around the world. Designation as a Fellow by ICA is the highest honor bestowed on communication scholars. Fellow status is primarily a recognition of distinguished scholarly contributions to the broad field of communication. Jonathan received the award in the annual conference of ICA on May 26 in Prague, along with other new Fellows such as Michael Schudson of Columbia University, Esther Thorson of Michigan State University, Steve Reese of University of Texas-Austin, etc.


The 2018 ICA Fellows Program noted that “In his nearly three decades career, Dr. Zhu has made significant scholarly contributions to political communication research, new media studies, and computational communication research. He has proposed many original and influential concepts, theories, and models in different domains of communication research, such as zero-sum game theory in agenda-setting research (Zhu, 1993), weighted needs of new media in diffusion of innovation (Zhu & He, 2002), and tea-pot model in hyperlink analysis (Zhu et al., 2008). He was among the few communication scholars who employed sophisticated time series modeling to unravel the capacity, diversity, and volatility of public agenda (McCombs & Zhu, 1995) and account for the formation of public issue priority (Zhu et al., 1993). Since 2005, Dr. Zhu has started to incorporate computational thinking and methods into his research. His commitment and achievement in computational research make him recognized as an international leader in the emerging field of computational social science.”

It also mentioned that “Dr. Zhu has trained 10 Ph.D. students with a specialty in computational social science, who are now working as university faculty members or web data scientists in Hong Kong, mainland China, the Middle East, and the United States of America.  They account for a significant share of the first generation of computational communication scholars around the world.”




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