Two teams won three awards in 3rd China Data Journalism Competition

Tutored by Jonathan ZHU, two teams from MACNM, 2018 won three awards in the 3rd China Data Journalism Competition organized by Xi’an Jiaotong University, China. The Awards include two first-place awards for each team and an Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award for Jonathan ZHU. The competition requires participants to convey a complete news story through data clawing, data cleaning, data analysis, web design, photography, writing and so forth.

One of the teams consisted Zening DUAN, Qin ZHOU and Linfeng JIN. Their work focuses on the competitive talents policy in most second-tier cities in China. Supported by multiple data analysis and visualization technologies, the team gone deep into inferring the relationships between city development data and the policy-making, building a prediction model for testing the actual outcomes of the policy, beyond a simple description on this significant social event. Click here for a view:

Another team, Zhan SHI, Lisi MAI, Xuechen HU, Huiming WANG and Xingfu ZENG (BTIME News) emphasized on Hong Kong public housing. The purpose is to expose the essence and real problems of the public housing in Hong Kong though data processing, policy analysis and residents interview instead of some existing surface reports. Click here for a view:



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