Eleven papers accepted for ICA 2020

The 70th Annual ICA conference will be held on May 21-25, 2020 in Gold Coast, Australia. Eleven papers by lab members are selected for presentation on the coming conference, which has an acceptance rate of 44% this year. The titles of the papers are listed below:
1. Liu, X. F., Chen, Z., & Zhu, J. J. H. (2020). Dynamic Trends between Specialization and Integration of Communication Research: Scientometric Analysis of SSCI Journals from 1970 to 2019. (for Computational Methods Interest Group)
2. Zhang, Y., Cao, B. L., Wang, Y. F., Peng, T. Q., Zhu, J. J. H., & Wang, X. H. (2020). Social media and public health research: A systematic review from 2000 to 2018. (for Information System Division)
3. Anderson, J., Lapinski, M., Turner, M., Peng, T. Q., & Schmaelzle, R. (2020). Speaking of values: Value-expressive communication and exercise intentions. (for Health Communication Division)
4. Lee, S., Ma, S. Y., Meng, J., Zhuang, J., & Peng, T. Q. (2020). Detecting sentiment toward emerging diseases on social media: An empirical comparison between human coding and dictionary-based approach. (for Computational Methods Interest Group)
5. Chung, M., Jang, Y., Lapinski, M., Kerr, J., Zhao, J. H., Shupp, R., & Peng, T. Q. (2020). Do we use our own behaviors to help us believe we are normal? Testing the causal effects of personal behavior on perceived descriptive norms. (for Health Communication Division)
6. Yan, X., & Wang, C. J. (2020). With Greater Popularity Comes Less Responsibility? The Popularity Fallacy of Big Vs’ Public Participation on Sina Weibo. (for Political Communication Division)
7. Zhang, L., Liu, Y., Zhou, J., Wu, Y., & Yi, H. (2020). Contributing by Learning: Continuity of Knowledge Contribution on Online Knowledge-Sharing Platform.
8. Zhou, J., Wu, Y., & Zhang, L. (2020). Diminishing marginal returns of information exposure: How does social media information exposure affect individual HPV vaccine adoption?
9. Deng, Y., Zhang, L. & Wu, Y. (2020). Persuasive Effect of Three-Dimensional Creative Expression in Outdoor Print Advertisements.
10. Guan, L., Liang, H., & Zhu, J. J. H. (2020). National Census of Twitter Users: Scrapping and Describing the Socio-Centric Network of a Nation on Social Media. (for Computational Methods Interest Group)
11. Wang, Y., & Guan, L. (2020). Mapping the Structures of International Communication Organizations’ Networks and Cross-Sector Relationships on Social Media. (for Global Communication and Social Change Division)


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