Paper on Quantifying Cascade Virality Published

The article, entitled “Viral vs. broadcast: Characterizing the virality and growth of cascades”, has recently been published at EPL (Europhysics Letters). Two members of the Web Mining Lab, Mr. Yafei Zhang and Prof. Jonathan J. H. Zhu, participated in this study.

Quantifying the virality of cascades is an important question in fields of information diffusion and disease transmission. In this paper, Yafei Zhang, Jonathan J. H. Zhu and their collaborators propose a root-aware approach to quantifying the virality of cascades with proper consideration of the root node in a diffusion tree. With applications on synthetic and empirical cascades, the properties and utility of the proposed approach are demonstrated.

This study contributes to a further understanding of the virality and growth of cascades. A Python implementation of the proposed virality measure has been freely available at GitHub.


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