Paper on Mobile News Consumption as a Sequential Process Goes Online

The article, entitled “Examining familial role in mobile news consumption as a sequential process” by two members of the Lab (Dr. Lun Zhang and Dr. Winson Peng) and their collaborator (Dr. Lu Zheng) at the Department of Sociology of Tsinghua University, has been published online in Telematics and Informatics.

They argued in the paper that news consumption is deeply and widely situated in families. Users’ familial role would influence their mobile news consumption behavior through shaping their personal news interests and regulating their time budget of news viewing. This study extracted data from the server log of the Sohu News mobile application, one of the most popular mobile news applications in China. It is found that users with different familial roles demonstrate various sequential patterns of news consumption, as represented by various sequence length and turbulence. This study expands theoretical horizons by integrating the traditional role theory and big user data analytics to address the mobile news consumption.