Congratulations to Lu on her PhD Graduation, Job Offer, and New Publications

Lu Guan recently graduated from our Lab, started her new job at Fudan University, and got two articles accepted.

Lu completed her dissertation in November, 2020, and successfully obtained her PhD degree from City University of Hong Kong in April, 2021. Then she entered the School of Journalism in Fudan University in May and started her first academic employment as a tenure-track lecturer.

Recently she has two new articles accepted: Predicting information exposure and continuous consumption: self-level interest similarity, peer-level interest similarity and global popularity, accepted by Online Information Review, and Framing and counter-framing in online collective actions: The case of LGBT protests in a Muslim nation, accepted by Information, Communication, and Society.

The first one proposes a three-step decision-tree approach to depict users’ information selection strategy on knowledge-sharing platforms from the individual level, peer level and societal level. The second publication discusses the framing and counter-framing phenomenon in LGBT online collective actions on social media.


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