Lab members at front stages of CCRA2018

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The first annual conference of Chinese Computational Communication Research Association (CCRA2018) was held on Sept 21-22 in Beijing, China, coorganized by Beijing Normal University, Nanjing University and City University of Hong Kong. Several members attended the conference in different capacities.

Jonathan Zhu chaired the opening session of the meeting as the founding president of CCRA and also gave a tutorial on “Research Design for Computational Communication Research” in a preconference workshop. Guan Lu and Chen Zhicong gave oral/poster presentations on “Impact of Self-Interest, Peer Influence and Global Popularity on Blogging Activities” and “The Poor Read for Entertainment and the Rich Read for Education: The Structural Inequality in Mobile Reading”, respectively.


Three affiliated members of the lab, including Zhong Zhijin of Sun Yat-Sen University (the right in the photo below),  Chao Naipeng of Nanjing University (middle), and Zhang Hongzhong of Beijing Normal University (the left) were elected to form the new Presidential Council of CCRA for the next six years. When introducing the new leadership, Jonathan Zhu projected that “the newly elected Presidents will lead our young community of computational communication researchers in mainland China to grow in the future”.

Another three affiliated members of the lab, including Zhang Lun of Beijing Normal University, Wang Chengjun of Nanjing University, and Xu Xiaoke of Dalian Minzu University, released in the Conference a new book titled Introduction to Computational Communication Research. The book is the first textbook in Chinese to introduce methods and case studies on computational communication research.


CCF-BDCI awards covered by College Magazine

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A news coverage of our CCF-BDCI awards is now published on the Newsletter of CityU College of Liberal Arts and Social Science, Issue 7, 2018.

Three students from Web Mining Lab won three awards at Competition of Big Data & Computer Intelligence in Dec, 2017 (See lab news).

The news story highlighted Jonathan Zhu’s reflections on the success in the competition:

“Algorithms are very important because they are the entry ticket to the competition; data is even more important because it tells the story; and theory is the most important of all because it is the soul of the story.”

News link:

International educators visited the Lab

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A group of four people, including Dr. Qin Jie, graduated from the Lab in 2014 and now a faculty member at the Hong Kong campus of Savannah College of Arts and Design (SCAD), and three educators from the United States and India, visited the Web Mining Lab on July 4th. PhD students including Lu Guan, Yixin Zhou, Yafei Zhang, and Chuang Yin showcased their research studies on blogging activities, emerging adults’ friend selection on social networking sites, online learning mining, and international conflicted opinion mining, which were highly praised by the international educators.


Two teams won three awards in 3rd China Data Journalism Competition

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Tutored by Jonathan ZHU, two teams from MACNM, 2018 won three awards in the 3rd China Data Journalism Competition organized by Xi’an Jiaotong University, China. The Awards include two first-place awards for each team and an Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award for Jonathan ZHU. The competition requires participants to convey a complete news story through data clawing, data cleaning, data analysis, web design, photography, writing and so forth.

One of the teams consisted Zening DUAN, Qin ZHOU and Linfeng JIN. Their work focuses on the competitive talents policy in most second-tier cities in China. Supported by multiple data analysis and visualization technologies, the team gone deep into inferring the relationships between city development data and the policy-making, building a prediction model for testing the actual outcomes of the policy, beyond a simple description on this significant social event. Click here for a view:

Another team, Zhan SHI, Lisi MAI, Xuechen HU, Huiming WANG and Xingfu ZENG (BTIME News) emphasized on Hong Kong public housing. The purpose is to expose the essence and real problems of the public housing in Hong Kong though data processing, policy analysis and residents interview instead of some existing surface reports. Click here for a view:


Shujun Jiang Promoted to Associate Professor at UAEU

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Dr. Shujun Jiang, graduated from the lab in 2008, has been promoted to associated professor at United Arab Emirates University (UAEU). Founded in 1976 by the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, UAEU is the first and foremost comprehensive national university in the UAE. It ranks No.1 in the UAE and No.5 in the Arab World.

Shujun joined Mass Communication Department at UAEU as an assistant professor in 2012. In the past six years, she has achieved extensively in every area of her faculty career. She received Excellence in Teaching Award in her 3rd year at UAEU. She is a pioneer and leader in applying educational technology and pedagogy in teaching and learning. Her research focuses on online journalism, media credibility, and social media studies. Her papers were published in The Journal of International Communication, Information, Communication & Society, International Journal of Information and Education Technology and other journals and conferences. In 2018, her research proposal on “Understanding radicalization/counter-radicalization communication on social media: A computational approach” received a Research Excellence Award from Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge. Shujun also serves as a liaison officer in bridging UAEU with top universities in China for outreaching and improve UAEU international visibility, impact, and university ranking.

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