Retooling Workshop for MACNM Alumni kicked off

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The Workshop, officially debuted as “MACNM Computational Workshop”, kicked off on Jan. 5, 2019 and continued on Jan. 6, 12, and 13 in Run Run Shaw Creative Media Center of City University of Hong Kong. Sponsored by the Centre for Communication Research (CCR) and Web Mining Lab of Department of Media and Communication, the Workshop aims primarily to serve graduates of MACNM to learn latest knowledge and skills of media analytics.

Launched in 1998, MACNM was the first graduate program on new media in Hong Kong and Asia-Pacific. Over 1,000 students have graduated from the cutting-edge program over the last two decades. However, many of them had not been exposed to big data, machine learning, and other cloud computational techniques until very recently when MACNM offered a Media Data Analytics Stream. To fill the gap, Prof. Jonathan Zhu, director of CCR and founder of MACNM, organized the Workshop to help MACNM alumni to retool themselves.

The 4-day Workshop covers topics ranging from Python Programming, Web Scraping, Text Mining, User Profiling, Online Experiment, Social Network Analysis, and Data Visualization, taught by PhD students of Web Mining Lab, including Lu Guan, Zhicong Chen, and Ji Lan, and their supervisor Jonathan Zhu, respectively.

The Workshop is conducted in two modes, offline and online. The offline sessions attract several dozen MACNM alumni from Hong Kong and Shenzhen, who work for print media, TV stations, social media, and a variety of start-up tech firms. The online sessions are live broadcast to the world, with MACNM alumni viewers interacting with the teaching team through instant messenger.

All teaching materials, including lecture videos, are accessible at Web Mining Lab website.


Lu and Yixin each received a grant from S-tech Research Assistance Plan

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Lab members Lu Guan and Yinxin Zhou were funded, respectively, for their research proposals on “Personal curation strategy: How do social media users select and process information under the age of information overload” and “Mining Temporal Patterns of Online User Behavior: Construction, Validation, and Applications ” from the 2018 S-Tech Research Assistance Plan – Internet Communication Project. The project is established by a collaboration scheme among Tencent Research Institute, Computational Communication Research Centre at Nanjing University and Chinese Computational Communication Research Association.
The S-Tech Plan supports Internet communication studies. This year the Plan chooses to fund 6 doctoral theses, with each being funded with CNY10,000.

Lab alumni won outstanding alumni awards from the department

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November 3-4, the 10th anniversary celebration of Department of Media and communication, City University of Hong Kong was held in Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, Hong Kong. Graduates scattered around the world came to the reunion. At the Celebration ceremony, lab alumni Jiang Shujun (now at United Arabic Emirates Universit), Liang Hai (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Lu Heng (Miaozhen System), Peng Taiquan (Michigan State University), and Zhong Zhijing (Sun Yat-sen University) each received a Distinguished Alumni Award from the Department for their achievements in business, research and society.

Also at the ceremony, Jiang Shujun and Peng Taiquan presented a painting to the department as a gift.


CCF-BDCI awards covered by College Magazine

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A news coverage of our CCF-BDCI awards is now published on the Newsletter of CityU College of Liberal Arts and Social Science, Issue 7, 2018.

Three students from Web Mining Lab won three awards at Competition of Big Data & Computer Intelligence in Dec, 2017 (See lab news).

The news story highlighted Jonathan Zhu’s reflections on the success in the competition:

“Algorithms are very important because they are the entry ticket to the competition; data is even more important because it tells the story; and theory is the most important of all because it is the soul of the story.”

News link:

Two teams won three awards in 3rd China Data Journalism Competition

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Tutored by Jonathan ZHU, two teams from MACNM, 2018 won three awards in the 3rd China Data Journalism Competition organized by Xi’an Jiaotong University, China. The Awards include two first-place awards for each team and an Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award for Jonathan ZHU. The competition requires participants to convey a complete news story through data clawing, data cleaning, data analysis, web design, photography, writing and so forth.

One of the teams consisted Zening DUAN, Qin ZHOU and Linfeng JIN. Their work focuses on the competitive talents policy in most second-tier cities in China. Supported by multiple data analysis and visualization technologies, the team gone deep into inferring the relationships between city development data and the policy-making, building a prediction model for testing the actual outcomes of the policy, beyond a simple description on this significant social event. Click here for a view:

Another team, Zhan SHI, Lisi MAI, Xuechen HU, Huiming WANG and Xingfu ZENG (BTIME News) emphasized on Hong Kong public housing. The purpose is to expose the essence and real problems of the public housing in Hong Kong though data processing, policy analysis and residents interview instead of some existing surface reports. Click here for a view:


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