Jonathan gave an online talk for SNU

Jonathan Zhu of the lab gave a talk, through Zoom, on Aug 3 to faculty members and students at Seoul National University (SNU), Korea. The talk was part of the Overseas Scholar Colloquium in Journalism organized by the Institute of Communication Research at SNU. In the 90-minute talk on Computational Methods and Social Media, Jonathan

Jonathan Talked about Time Mining at CityU DSAIG Seminar

The seminar is a monthly event organized by the newly formed Data Science Applications Interest Group (DSAIG) at City University of Hong Kong, of which Jonathan Zhu and Zhenzhen Wang of Web Mining Lab are members.  Jonathan gave a talk on “mining time information from digital data” on July 18, which attracted faculty members, research

Jonathan’s Talk on Network Thinking

Jonathan gave a talk at the 15th CityU Seminar, organized by College of Business, City University of Hong Kong on “Network thinking: 10 ways to see how the world is connected” on Nov 3, 2016. In the talk, he presented his version of “network thinking” that focuses on the relative importance between 10 pairs of