Call for Papers:A Special Issue of Asian Journal of Communication

A Special Issue of Asian Journal of Communication on Introducing Computational Social Science for Asia-Pacific Communication Research Guest Editors: Prof. Jonathan Zhu, City University of Hong Kong (Email: Dr. Taiquan “Winson” Peng, Michigan State University (Email: Dr. Hai Liang, Chinese University of Hong Kong (Email: Computational social science (CSS), an emerging paradigm

New article on network sampling

The article has been published on Physica A by Xiao-Ke Xu, formally a postdoctoral fellow of the Web Mining Lab and now a Professor of Information and Communication Engineering at Dalian Minzu University, and Jonathan Zhu of the Lab. They proposed a new sampling method, called Self-Adjustable Random Walk (SARW), and empirically evaluated the quality

A new article on diffusion of advertising messages to be published

A new article by Zhang Lun and Winson, entitled “Breadth, depth, and speed: Diffusion of advertising messages on microblogging sites”, has been accepted for publication in Internet Research. This study presents an empirical assessment of the diffusion of advertising messages on microblogging sites. The diffusion properties of advertising messages are quantified based on the following three

A new review of e-Health to be published

The review article, coauthored by Crystal Jiang and three members of the lab, will appear in International Journal of Medical Informatics. The article draws on the dataset of 30,000+ studies of Internet published in SSCI-indexed journals the lab collected from Web of Science. Several articles had been published based on the dataset, including Peng et

Zhu et al.’s new article on computational social science in communication research

Jonathan Zhu and five other members of the lab have published a lead article in the latest issue of e-Science Technology and Application, entitled “Computational Social Science in Communication Research” . In the article, they reviewed and discussed how computational social science has been employed in communication research. In particular, following the classic 5W model