Qin Jie published the 3rd translated book

Qin Jie has published her third Chinese translation of Cultural Studies: The Basics, originally authored by Jeff Lewis in 2008. The translated version, coauthored with Zhenzhi Guo, is published by Tsinghua University Press. The book is part of the Series of Translated Textbooks in Journalism and Communication, edited by Guo, a Professor of School of

Paper on Public Discussions of Occupy Wall Street Accepted by CBS

The paper Discussing Occupy Wall Street on Twitter: Longitudinal Network Analysis of Equality, Emotion, and Stability of Public Discussion coauthored by Cheng-Jun Wang, Pian-pian Wang and Jonathan Zhu has been accepted by Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking which is ranked 4 out of 72  in the Communication category of the Journal Citation Report 2011 (Social Sciences Edition, sorted by 5-Year Impact Factor) . The

Peng and Zhu’s Article on Citation Analysis Goes Online

A spin-off study of a comprehensive review of Internet studies by Peng et al. (2013) will be published in September this year, with the online version already available at http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/asi.22649/abstract: Abstract: This study explores the factors influencing citations to Internet studies by assessing the relative explanatory power of three perspectives: normative theory, the social constructivist

Lingfei’s Study on the Growth of Online Communities Published on Physical Review E

Lingfei Wu, one of the lab members and Jiang Zhang, a researcher from Beijing Normal University, collaboratively investigated the growth pattern of online communities and found that the growth rate can be predicted by the distribution of individual activities. Their paper, titled Accelerating Growth and Size-dependent Distribution of Human Online Activities, is published on Physical