Lingfei’s Study on the Accelerating Growth of Online Communities is Published in the European Physical Journal B

The Internet has given rise to its own sorting devices. Among these, tagging consists in assigning user-chosen keywords to a piece of information (such as a digital image) to facilitate searches. Lingfei Wu, a researcher at the City University of Hong Kong’s Department of Media and Communication, used the tagging behaviour of social media application

Two papers have been accepted by IAMCR’11

Zhu, J. J. H., & Shen, F. (2011). Temporal trends and regional variations in internationalization of communication research. The annual conference of International Association for Mass Communication Research (IAMCR), Istanbul, Turkey, July. (Abstract) Shen, F., Zhu, J. J. H., & Peng, T. Q. (2011). To trust or not to trust: Trends and covariates of Internet