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  • Welcome to my personal page!

My name is Cheng-Jun Wang (aka Frank Wang/王成军), a Ph.D candidate (expected graduation June, 2013)  in the department of media & communication, City University of Hong Kong. Currently, I am also a research member of web mining lab.

I received my master degree from Beijing University for my dissertation titled SNS as an invisible bridge: Chinese college students’ SNS use and social capital, and a Bachelor degree of online journalism from LanZhou University. You can find my CV here .

  • Research Interest

Primarily, I study how information diffuses online, e.g., my dissertation focuses on information diffusion on information sharing websites (ISWs, e.g. Digg, YouTube, Weibo Twitter). Additionally, I am interested in statistics, network science, and agent-based models. I am currently working on modeling information diffusion in the perspective of threshold models. About my understanding as a young scholar, you can find my vision statement here.

  • Weibo Landscape

To study the news diffusion of Weibo users, My collaborator Linwu and I had set up a research project of Weibo Landscape aiming at archiving the historical tweets of 800 verified Weibo accounts (Rich club of Sina Weibo) before March 2012. The data is collected through user timeline api using Python. For the Interest of Academic study, this archive is open now, you can find the Introduction here, and the archive here.

  • Address 
Room 5013, 18 Tat Hong AvenueRun Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, City university of Hong kong, Kowloon. Hong Kong. You can find the location here. 
  • Email

wangchj04 at gmail.com

  • Mobile


  • My Hobby

I play Tai Chi Chuan in my spare time since 2009. In July, 2010, I made a simple simulation of spiral of silence which is the starting point of my Academic study. See the video below:


Note: Video on YoutubeVideo on Tudou; Download the higher definition video here. The background music of this video is Maria And The Violin’s String. Have fun and enjoy it.

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