Everyone has his preference in choosing his tools for research. This webpage documents my resources about courses, journals, conferences, and programming languages. In addition to that, you can also find the people I am following, the data sets information collected by me and my collaborators. Follow the hyperlinks below.

——> Network Scientists

——> Public Network Data

——> Communication Scholars




Usually, the beginners of Academic study would like to ask me about the top conferences and journals in the field of communication. I will suggest them to find this list here.



Click here for the Top 100  communication journals



Conferences of Communication
Conferences of Internet



I am a big fan of open source software and programming languages. I prefer to use R (data processing, numeric simulation, visualization), Python (data crawling),  Methematica (analytic model), and Netlogo (agent-based model). In addition to that, I know a byte of spss, stata, mplus, amos, hlm. For those who works in programming, I would like to recommend you to use Github and StackOverFlow. However, I am not a methodologist, most my studies are theory-driven.

  • Community A short list of R commands Basic igraph and statnet NEIL F.W. SAUNDERS: what u r doing is rather desperate? Agent-based models using R Drew Conway:R & Python Xie Yihui Stanford Rlab for SNA Michael J Bommarito:python and R  RTextTools

  • Python   Google Python Style Guide  Learning Vim Progressively Python Tutorial  The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python!  Books for non-programmers of python MIT PYTHON CLASS love python blog Learn python the hard way A byte of python

  • Mathematica

  • Processing  processing notes

  • SQL

  • Others  Spatial analysis  Semantic Web Text Mining

  • When to Use a Particular Statistical Test
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