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A person acts morally when he or she acts as if his or her conduct was establishing a universal law governing others in similar circumstances.


Computer Scientists
  • Lada Adamic

  • Huberman of Hp research

  • Jure Leskovec

  • Kristina Lerman

  • Alan Mislove: Youtube network & Flickr

  • Jon Kleinberg

Networks, Crowds, and Markets: Reasoning About a Highly Connected World

  • Hawoong Jeong

  • Ciro Cattuto: Data science lab of ISI Foundation

  • Jukka-pekka Onnela: tipping point of facebook app

  • Qiaozhu Mei

  • Thomas Petzoldt

  • Tore Opsahl: tnet

  • Amanda Lynn Traud

  • Segei  Maslov

  • Johan Bollen: Indiana University [Truthy!]

  • Scott A. Golder: Tweet Mood

  • Daniele Quercia: Twitter Mood

  • Ebakshy: social influence [tweets data set]

  • Huizi Liang: Recommendation System

  • Mark Newman

  • Barabasi

  • Kurt Hornik: he told me how to deal with 10 digits Julian time

  • S.A. Frank: the common pattern of nature

Social Scientists
  • Ronald Burt

  • Matthew O. Jackson: StochasticDominance

  • Nicholas Chiristakis

  • Noshir Contractor: Organization Communication

  • Michael Macy: Sociology

  • Marc Smith: NodeXL

  • An,Weihua, Department of Sociology, Harvard University

  • George Barnett

  • Dan J. Wang: Ph.D candidate of Standford

  • Michel Zhang in Baptist U of HK

  • Hema Yoganarasimhan:Youtube study

  • A VJ Manifesto: R-Shief, an Arabic-English archival resource

  • Kevin Lewis: PHD Student of Harvard, sociology

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