Top 200 Twitter Users of Occupying Wall Street

Published by chengjun on December 17th, 2011
The centrality of the discussion network of occupying wall street is always changing. However, there are something in common. The people who are spoken to tends to be the movement leaders, media, and politicians.
In order to uncover this pattern, I demonstrate the top 200 aggregated from.user and to.user by calculating the frequency of their participation.
1. In the discussion network, from.user denotes those who speak to others, for example A@B, then A as the speaker is the from.user, and B as the people who is spoken to is the to.user.
2. The data are collected by R-shief, and are open to the world by registration. The data contain 1353413 tweets between Sep 24th 2011 and Oct 10th 2011, among which, there are 88601 discussions. And my analysis is based on the 88601 discussions.
# get the top 200 aggregated From.User
from$rank<-rank(1/rank(from$Freq, na.last=T, ties.method=”random”))
from$web<-paste(from$twitter, from$Var1,sep=””)
subset(from, from$rank<=200)
# similarly, I can get the top 200  to.user.
 You can also see the whole top 200 list, please refer to this public spreadsheet. Or you can also refer to this post.
I write this post just to show my respect to the top 200 from.user, since they have tried their best to mobilize the top 200 to.user.
Top 200 From.User Top 200 To.User


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