Visualizing clickstream networks using the approach of hierarchical edge bundling


Recently, one of my friends sent me a paper discussing about a network visualization technology called “hierarchical edge bundling”. This approach used the position and shape of links rather than nodes to demonstrate the structure of networks. I spent a few days to wrote R+Processing scripts to provide a similar solution.

In particular, I drew the attached figure as follows:
1. Using Python scripts to collect the clickstreams between the top 1,000 sites. And used Python scripts to connect to AlchemyAPI in order to detect the language of websites.
2. Constructed and analyzed the clickstream network using R. I used the library of igraph to detect the walktrap communities at first, then used the library of adephylo to convert the result of community detection into a “tree”. After that, I plot the phylogenetic tree and retrieved the position of nodes.
3. These nodes were used as control nodes in drawing Bezier curve using Processing.

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