Yixin Awarded in course on “Teaching Students: First Steps”

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Yixin has received a Certificate of Merit for outstanding performance in SG8001, a course on “Teaching Students: First Steps” .
The Certificate is awarded to the top-performing students who obtain good score results throughout the course of study. The course, SG8001, is a compulsory course for all research postgraduate students at City University, aiming to prepare participants to undertake a limited teaching role with undergraduate and postgraduate students, and providing an introduction to the basic theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to teaching at universities.

Paper on mobile sessions goes online

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The article, entitled “How to measure sessions of mobile phone use: Identification, evaluation, and applications”, has been published on Mobile Media & Communication by Jonathan Zhu, Hexin Chen, Taiquan Peng, Haixing Dai, and Xiaofan Liu. They proposed a variable-length measure called “session” to uncover unmeasured temporal characteristics of mobile phone use. An open source dataset was used to demonstrate how to quantify sessions, aggregate the sessions to higher units of analysis within and across users, evaluate the results, and apply the measure for theoretical or practical purposes.

Qin Jie Awarded for Teaching Excellence

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Dr. Qin Jie, graduated from the lab in 2014 and now a faculty member at the Hong Kong campus of Savannah College of Arts and Design (SCAD), is on the President’s List in recognition of her teaching excellence. The list indicates Dr. Qin is rated the top 10 among more than 650 faculty members of SCAD’s four global locations.

Dr. Qin has been a Professor of Communications at SCAD Hong Kong for three years.  She is praised extensively by her students as a creative and passionate professor. “You are an exemplary model that demonstrates the universities preeminent source of knowledge that is demonstrated in every program that we offer. ” Praised in the award letter by Derek Black, Associate Dean of Academic Services at SCAD Hong Kong.


Ten papers accepted for ICA 2018

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The 68th Annual ICA conference will be held on May 24-28, 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic. Ten papers by lab members are selected for presentation on the coming conference, which has an acceptance rate of 30% this year. The titles of the papers are listed below:

Peng, T. Q., Zhu, J. J. H., & Chen, H. X. (2018). Re-explicating mobile phone use as a sequential process (for Computational Methods Interest Group)

Bae, A. & Peng, T. Q. (2018). Congressional communication networks on various social issues (for Computational Methods Interest Group)

Zhang, L., Wu, Y., Wang, S. F., & Lin, Z. Z. (2018). Online Ballot Stuffing: Influence of Self-boosting Manipulation on Rating Dynamics in Online Rating Systems (for Computational Methods Interest Group)

Zhang, X., Zhang, L., Zhang, M., Liu, Y., He, W., & Zhou, W. (2018). Monkey King, Naruto, and Mickey Mouse: Mapping the co-consumption network of animation protagonists in China (for Computational Methods Interest Group)

Wang, C. J., Chen, Z. C., & Chao, N. (2018). Leveraging the Flow of Collective Attention for Computational Communication Research (for Computational Methods Interest Group)

Hilbert, M., Barnett, G., Blumenstock, J., Diesner, J., Frey, S., Lamberson, P. J., Shen, C., Smaldino, P., Waldherr, A., Zhan, J. W., & Zhu, J. J. H. (2018). Computational communication science: A methodological catalyzer for a maturing discipline (for Computational Methods Interest Group)

Zhou, Y. & Yang, Y. (2018). Mapping contentious discourse in China: Activists’ discursive strategies and their coordination with media (for Activism, Communication and Social Justice Interest Group)

Song, J. & Jiang, S. (2018). Framing, psychological distance, and audience perception: An experiment on perception of The Belt and Road by Chinese and UAE students (for “Conceptualizing the New Silk Road as Communication” pre-conference)

Zhong, Z. J., Liu, K., & Xie, X. (2018). How Medic–Patient Communication and Relationship Influence Chinese Patients’ Medication Adherence (for Health Communication Division)

Guan, L., Zhang, Y. F., & Zhu, J. J. H. (2018). Impact of Self-Interest, Peer Influence and Global Popularity on Blogging Activities (for Computational Methods Interest Group)

Looking for postdoc applicants from Mainland

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Housed inside the Department of Media and Communication, City University of Hong Kong, Web Mining Lab is a social science research lab interested in “Big Data research”, especially user behavior under the social media and mobile media.

We now welcome new collaborations with postdocs under the “Hong Kong Scholars Program” Mainland – Hong Kong Joint Postdoctoral Fellows Program (Click to see the pdf file).

Successful applicants will receive HK$25,000 per month for a duration of 2 years. The deadline of the application is Jan 31th, 2018.

If you are interested in our lab and the program, please send CV to j.zhu@cityu.edu.hk.

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