Looking for postdoc applicants from Mainland

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Housed inside the Department of Media and Communication, City University of Hong Kong, Web Mining Lab is a social science research lab interested in “Big Data research”, especially user behavior under the social media and mobile media.

We now welcome new collaborations with postdocs under the “Hong Kong Scholars Program” Mainland – Hong Kong Joint Postdoctoral Fellows Program (Click to see the pdf file).

Successful applicants will receive HK$25,000 per month for a duration of 2 years. The deadline of the application is Jan 31th, 2018.

If you are interested in our lab and the program, please send CV to j.zhu@cityu.edu.hk.

Three Awards from CCF-BDCI 2017 Competition

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A team from the Lab won three awards from the annual competition of Big Data & Computer Intelligence organized by the China Computer Federation (CCF-BDCI2017), which lasted three months and closed on Dec 24 in Changshu, Jiangsu province of China. The Awards include a Best Award in Creation and Discovery from the final competition, a First-place Award on Opinion Mining of Sino-India Doklam Standoff Event, one of the 12 designated themes, and an Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award.


The team consisted three students, Zening Duan of MACNM 2018 (left), Chuang Yin of PhD year 1 (center), and Anqi Shen of MACNM 2017 (right), who jointly won the Best Creation & Discovery Award and the First-place Theme Award, and Jonathan Zhu who received the Advisor Award.


CCF-BDCI is the largest computing contest in China, held annually since 2014. CCF-BDCI2017, the fifth of the series, attracted more than 6,600 teams from China and overseas to participate. More than half of the teams came from industry and the rest from universities. Of the 15,000 participants, an overwhelming majority were computer scientists or engineers.

Our team represented an exception to the norm in the competition. Combining communication theory (e.g., Lasswell’s 5W model) and computational algorithms (e.g., word embedding and topic modeling), team members quantified how “third-party” opinions (i.e., independent of those from China and India) evolved dynamically, based on a rich pool of data from Twitter and other online media platforms. “This is the first time I have seen a team with background in social sciences could win the highest Prize in this contest”, commented by Chair of the Judge Panel, Dr. Bin Cui.


Jonathan Zhu reflected three ingredients for the success: “algorithms are very important because they are the entry ticket to the competition; data are more important because they tell the story; theory (e.g., 5W model) is the most important because it is the soul of the story”.


Liang and Zhu’s chapter on social media data collection published

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A chapter “Big Data, Collection of (Social Media, Harvesting)”, coauthored by Hai Liang and Jonathan Zhu of the Lab, has been published in The International Encyclopedia of Communication Research Methods, edited by Jörg Matthes and published by John Wiley & Sons. The chapter summarizes sampling and data collection methods on social media (see Liang_Zhu_2017_Big data).

Zhu lectured at UAE University

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Invited by United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) in Al Ain, Jonathan Zhu visited and delivered two lectures there, one on “Big data, artificial intelligence and computational media: realities and hypers” to the undergraduate and graduate students in College of Humanities and Social Sciences and another on “Will computational social science bring about a paradigm shift” to the faculty members of the college. He was also interviewed by UAEU News, a student-run TV station, on issues ranging from robot news to personal privacy (news clip on youtube).


Lab Members Played Active Roles at CCR2017 in Nanjing

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The 2nd Annual Conference and Workshops of Computational Communication Research (CCR 2017) was held at Nanjing University on September 22-21, 2017. The event was jointly organized by School of Journalism and Communication, Nanjing University; Baidu; Social Media Processing Committee of Chinese Information Processing Society of China; Centre for Communication Research and Web Ming Lab, City University of Hong Kong. About 100 scholars and students in communication, computer science, and other computing related disciplines in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and elsewhere participated in the conference and workshops.
The conference includes workshops, presentations, and poster sessions. The workshops lasted a one-and-a-half days, with two parallel themes on “Network Approaches to Information Diffusion” and “Text Data Mining”, respectively. The workshops attracted a large number of young researchers and students interested in computing communication research. Yixin Zhou of Web Mining Lab participated in the workshops and contributed a paper on “Influence between emerging adult offline and online friendships: the moderating role of personality” to the poster session.
Several other members of the Lab also play an active role in CCR 2017. Three graduates of the Lab, including Dr. Chengjun Wang (currently an associate professor at Nanjing University), Dr. Lun Zhang (an associate professor at Beijing Normal University), and Dr. Zhenzhen Wang (a data scientist at Tencent) served the instructors of the workshops. Chengjun was also the chief organizer of the conference. As a co-chair of the conference, Prof. Jonathan Zhu delivered a keynote speech on “Rich mines, poor mines, and pitfalls in computational communication research”.

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