SCAD Hong Kong – Professor Jie Qin, Fall 2014 – Photography by Xaume Olleros, courtesy of SCAD

My name is Jie Qin. I am currently the Professor of Communication at Savannah College of Art and Design and a member of Web Mining Lab. I got my PhD from the Department of Media and Communication at City University of Hong Kong, where I was trained to be a computational social scientist.

My academic trainings and work experience covers cross-disciplinary fields of social sciences, humanities, engineering, art and design. I have a bachelor degree in liberal arts, where I got trainings on literature, linguistics, history and philosophy. I got my master degree in a journalism school with a focus on qualitative analyses. At Web Mining Lab I got rigorous trainings on quantitative methods, data science and programming languages. My co-workers in the lab were physicists, mathematicians, psychologists, and computer scientists. During my six-year successful teaching experience in a prestigious art schools in the U.S., I learned a lot from world class faculty of various disciplines like animation, interior design, UX design, experience design, etc.

Regarding research, I love asking (and sometimes answering) questions about digital society. The vision of my research is to generate deep understanding of the consequences of the digital revolution on how people think, how organization works, and how society functions through interdisciplinary research. My teaching philosophy embraces the 4Cs (Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Collaboration) both in theory and in practice.

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