Recommended readings for the infographics and visualization course by Alberto Cairo

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(UPDATE, Oct. 13th)


Visual encoding
Michael Dubakov

Data visualization for human perception
Stephen Few

The 8 hats of data visualization design
Andy Kirk

How to become a data visualization expert: A recipeEnrico Bertini

How to choose your graphic: Graphic Cheat Sheet
Billion Dollar Graphics

How to choose the right chart
Carla Uriona

The Narrative Eros of the Infographic
Reif Larsen

Infographics and visualizations as tools for the mind
Alberto Cairo

Bringing infographics and visualization to the mainstream
Alberto Cairo

Ending the infographic plague
Megan McArdle

Interaction design for data visualizations
Lars Grammel

The Science of Information Visualization
Robert Kosara

How Much Data Do You Really Need?
Robert Kosara

The Explanatory Power of Data Points
Robert Kosara

The Three Types of Chart Junk
Robert Kosara

Using data visualization to find insights in data
Gregor Aisch

About Nigel Holmes
Robert Kosara

Interviews with Edward Tufte: one, and two

A history of dishonest Fox Charts

Visualizing Social Facts: Otto Neurath’s ISOTYPE project
Frank Hartmann

When maps shouldn’t be maps
Matt Ericson

Droughts on deadline
Kevin Quealy

Using indexed charts to represent change

The future of data visualization
Drew Skau

10 things you can learn from The New York Times’ data visualizations
Andy Kirk

How Governments can better use data visualization
Jon Schwabish

Fast thinking and slow thinking visualization
Spatial Analysis

Tower Graphics
Lulu Pinney

The process of creating data visualizations
Jan Willem Tulp

Data art vs. data visualization: Why does a distinction matter?
Stephen Few

Data visualization: Clarity of Aesthetics (part 1, part 2, part 3)
Ben Jones

Stacked area chart vs. Line chart – The great debate
Andy Kriebel

Word Clouds considered harmful
Jacob Harris

How to display headlines and intros in graphics
Storytelling with data

(Now, a few about data journalism)

Computational Journalism reading list
Jonathan Stray

Open data journalism
Simon Rogers

IT professionals in the newsroom
George Wright


Kevin Quealy

Amanda Cox

Hans Rosling

Me, one and two (listen to all the other ones, by the way)

Kim Rees

Bas Broekhuizen


Two lists: List 1, list 2


In no particular order. I’ve just copied them from my RSS reader in the way they are (un)organized in there. Copy and paste in your browser:

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