1. Don’t know the rules of the game. Have you studies the Graduate Handbook carefully? Do you check the Academic Calendar from time to time? What are the coursework requirements? Do you know the thesis assessment and examination timeline? What awards/scholarships are available for you?
  2. Keep the undergraduate mentality and don’t know studying in graduate school is more of a full-time job.
  3. Always tell yourself “There are two/three more years”.
  4. Don’t go to office on a daily basis.
  5. Don’t read papers on a daily basis and don’t know who are the most important scholars and what are the most important journals in your field; or don’t know what is your field at all.
  6. Cannot tell the difference between your weekdays and weekends.
  7. Don’t aim your term papers at a higher standard — publishable in SSCI journals.
  8. Don’t talk to and/or email your supervisor on a weekly basis.
  9. Don’t talk to (or don’t know) any senior students.
  10. Don’t talk to your cohort.