Updated April 23, 2015

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  • How to create a syllabus [link]
  • Syllabus checklist [pdf]


All-in-one portals

Media Literacy

  • Media Literacy Through Critical Thinking [pdf]
  • JOUR 175: Media Literacy [pdf]
  • Critical Digital Media Literacy [pdf]
  • Social Media Literacies [pdf]

Public Speaking

  • COM 220: Introduction to Public Speaking at U of Washington[link]
  • Introduction to Public Speaking [Coursera]
  • Public Speaking by Tara Sanchez [link]
  • COMM 1101 – Introduction to Public Speaking [pdf]
  • Principles of Public Speaking [link]
  • Public Speaking for Non-Native Speakers [video]

Organizational Communication

Social media/digital media/new media/ICTs and society

Digital storytelling/digital writing/multimedia storytelling/news visualization/data journalism/data visualization

  • My syllabus: Digital Storytelling [pdf – feel free to email me your comments]
  • Data Visualization by Kristen Sosulski of NYU [pdf]
  • Multimedia storytelling at UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism [link]
  • Digital Storytelling at Medill Northwestern [link]
  • Integrated Media Storytelling [link]
  • Computational Journalism at HKU [link]
  • Data-Driven Journalism at CUNY [link]

Social network analysis

  • Social network analysis by Lada Adamic [coursera]
  • Social and economic networks by Matthew O. Jackson [coursera]
  • R for Social Network Analysis [link] [labs]
  • Network analysis software (UCINET, NodeXL, Gephi, Statnet, ERGM, RSiena) by Katherine Ognyanova [link]

Internet Communication Strategies

Programming for Non-Programmers

Mass media and society/Introduction to mass media 

  • Introduction to Mass Media [pdf]
  • Mass Communication and Society [pdf]

News writing