’14 Fudan FIST CCR

Fudan Intensive Summer Training Workshop
Computational Communication Research (CCR), July 2014


Topic Speaker Readings Materials
1. Introduction to CCR Jonathan Zhu Peng et al. (2013). Mapping internet research; Watts (2014). Computational social science; 祝建华等 (2014). 计算社会科学在新闻传播研究中的应用 PPT; Video
2/3. Introduction to R for CCR Hai Liang Torfs & Brauer (2014). A short introduction to R; Kabacoff (2011). R in action. PPT; Video
4. Social Network Analysis Jonathan Zhu Csardi, G. et al. (2014). igraph manual; Easley & Kleinberg(2010). Networks, crowds, and markets; Hanneman & Riddle (2005). Introduction to social network methods PPT; Video
5. Web Data Collection in CCR Hai Liang Hanretty (2013). Scraping the web; Russell (2013). Mining social web; Freeheim (2014). Web scriping using R PPT; Video
6/7. Web Data Preprocessing in CCR Winson Peng Grimmer & Stewart (2013). Text as data; Zhao et al. (2011). Topic models of Twitter; 刘思喆(2013). R语言环境下的文本挖掘; Li (2013). Rwordseg使用说明. PPT; Video
8. Web Data Visualization in CCR Jie Qin Tufte (2001). The Visual display of quantitative information; Cairo (2013). Intro to infographics; Fry (2008). Visualizing data. PPT; Video
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