Fudan Intensive Summer Training Workshop
Computational Communication Research (CCR), July 2014


Topic Speaker Readings Materials
1. Introduction to CCR Jonathan Zhu Peng et al. (2013). Mapping internet research; Watts (2014). Computational social science; 祝建华等 (2014). 计算社会科学在新闻传播研究中的应用 PPT; Video
2/3. Introduction to R for CCR Hai Liang Torfs & Brauer (2014). A short introduction to R; Kabacoff (2011). R in action. PPT; Video
4. Social Network Analysis Jonathan Zhu Csardi, G. et al. (2014). igraph manual; Easley & Kleinberg(2010). Networks, crowds, and markets; Hanneman & Riddle (2005). Introduction to social network methods PPT; Video
5. Web Data Collection in CCR Hai Liang Hanretty (2013). Scraping the web; Russell (2013). Mining social web; Freeheim (2014). Web scriping using R PPT; Video
6/7. Web Data Preprocessing in CCR Winson Peng Grimmer & Stewart (2013). Text as data; Zhao et al. (2011). Topic models of Twitter; 刘思喆(2013). R语言环境下的文本挖掘; Li (2013). Rwordseg使用说明. PPT; Video
8. Web Data Visualization in CCR Jie Qin Tufte (2001). The Visual display of quantitative information; Cairo (2013). Intro to infographics; Fry (2008). Visualizing data. PPT; Video

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