Tools for Teaching and Learning of Social Media Analytics
A BlueSky Workshops at ICA2015
Organized by
Tai-Quan Peng, Nanyang Technological University,
Jonathan Zhu, City University of Hong Kong,
Date: Sunday, 24 May 13:30 – 14:45
Location: Caribe Hilton, Boardroom 1
  1. James Cook, University of Maine at Augusta;
  2. Robert Ackland, Australian National University;
  3. Marc Smith, Social Media Research Foundation.
Workshop Program
Lead Discussant(s)
  1. Introduction
Winson Peng (Nanyang Technological U)
  1. Stages of Teaching and Learning Social Media Analytics
James Cook (U of Maine, Handout)
  1. Free tools without coding (NodeXL, Gephi, Pajek)
Marc Smith (Social Media Foundation)
Sarah Oates (U of Maryland), Sammy Lee (West Virginia U), and other participants*
  1. Free tools based on coding (R packages)
Robert Ackland (Australian National U, Handout)
Anne Oeldorf-Hirsch (U of Connecticut), Peter Kerkhof (VU U of Amsterdam), and other participants*
  1. Commercial Tools (Crimson Hexagon, UCINET, VOSON)
Alfred Hermida (U of British Columbia, Handout)
Mike Yao (UIUC), Wenlin Liu (USC), and other participants*
  1. Summary & Discussion
Jonathan Zhu (City U of Hong Kong, Handout)
All participants

To save time, there will be NO formal PowerPoint presentations. Each speaker is given 5 minutes for an informal talk. To compensate the short speech time, all participants are encouraged to prepare a one-page handout to outline the arguments/expectation/questions about teaching and learning of social media analytics and distribute it to others in the workshop.

The workshop will be available for live streaming. Please follow this instruction to join the workshop:

Click to see how to use Lync for the workshop

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