About Me

My name is Cheng-Jun Wang(aka 王成军/Frank), a Ph.D candidate in the department of media & communication, City University of Hong Kong. Currently, I am also a research member of web mining lab.

I received my master degree from Beijing University for my dissertation titled SNS as an invisible bridge: Chinese college students’ SNS use and social capital, and a Bachelor degree of online journalism from LanZhou University. You can find my CV here.

Research Interest

Primarily, I study how information diffuses online, e.g., my dissertation focuses on information diffusion on information sharing websites (ISWs, e.g. Digg, YouTube, Weibo & Twitter). Additionally, I am interested in statistics, network science, and agent-based models. I am currently working on modelling information diffusion in the perspective of threshold models. I document my thoughts and research in a blog and the github.

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