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 The 2016 CityU Workshop on Computational Approaches to Big Data in the Social Sciences and Humanities

(CityU CSS 2016)


Tetsuro Kobayashi (Ph.D. in Social Psychology, University of Tokyo) is an Associate Professor of Department of Media & Communication, City University of Hong Kong. He worked for the Japanese National Institute of Informatics for 9 years. His research focuses on political communication and psychology in East Asian countries. His papers have been published in journals such as Political Communication, Communication Research, Human Communication Research, and Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication.
Hai Liang (Ph.D.in Communication, City University of Hong Kong) is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Journalism and Media Studies Centre at the University of Hong Kong. His research interest and background cross science and social science. Currently, he is working on several interdisciplinary projects at the intersection of computational social science (analytic approach) and social media studies (data source). He has published numerous articles in both science and social science journals such as Human Communication Research, New Media & Society, PLoS One, and Social Science Computer Review.
Cheng-Jun Wang (Ph.D. in Communication, City University of Hong Kong) is currently an Assistant Research Fellow in School of Journalism and Communication, Nanjing University, China. He is also Director of Ogilvy Data Science Lab, and a Research Member of Computational Communication Collaboratory and of Web Mining Lab. He co-founded computational-communication.com in 2014. His research has appeared in Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, Plos ONE, and Physica A.
Jonathan J. H. Zhu (Ph.D. in Communication, Indiana University) is a Professor and Founder of Web Mining Lab in Department of Media and Communication at City University of Hong Kong. He was previously an Associate Professor of Communication Sciences at University of Connecticut, Storrs, U.S.A. He used survey, content analysis, and experiment to study traditional media in his earlier research but has become increasingly engaged with computational approaches to social media data. His works have been published across a variety of disciplines including social sciences, computer science, mathematics, engineering, and bioinformatics. His Erdos number is 3.
Tai-Quan (Winson) Peng (Ph.D. in Communication, City University of Hong Kong) is currently an Assistant Professor at the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. His recent research interests include tie-generative mechanisms in communication and information networks, public sentiment on social media, and the diffusion of viral messages on social media. His research has been supported by Academic Research Fund of Singapore, Microsoft Research, National Research Foundation of Singapore, and National Social Science Foundation of China. His work has appeared in leading journals in communication science, computer science, and medical informatics.
Jie Qin (Ph.D. in Communication, City University of Hong Kong) is a Professor of Communications at Savannah College of Art and Design (Hong Kong), and a member of Web Mining Lab at City University of Hong Kong. Her research has appeared in peer-reviewed journals such as the International Journal of Press/Politics, Internet Research, and Society Magazine. She has been leading workshops on Data Journalism and Data Visualization at Fudan University and City University of Hong Kong since 2014. She received the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship in 2010.