Xiaofan receives a CityU internal grant on cryptocurrency market monitoring project

Dr. LIU Xiaofan receives a grant for building a cryptocurrency market monitoring platform from the CityU’s knowledge transfer initiative. The project aims at continuously surveilling (both licit and illicit) activities in the cryptocurrency economy such as investor behavior, market manipulation, money laundering, and other financial risks, by collecting, integrating, and analyzing blockchain transactions and Internet

A new project on public sentiment toward emerging diseases

Winson Peng was recently awarded a pilot research grant by Trifecta which is an interdisciplinary research initiative at Michigan State University (MSU, http://trifecta.msu.edu/). In collaboration with colleagues from the College of Engineering at MSU, Winson will employ voluminous user-generated data on Twitter and integrate sentiment mining, network analysis, and time series modeling to examine how

Winson act as a Co-PI in a HK$4.5 Million Project

Winson Peng will act as a Co-PI in a large-scale research project on “ALTMETRICS: RETHINKING AND EXPLORING NEW WAYS OF MEASURING RESEARCH”. The project is funded by National Research Foundation of Prime Minister’s Office of Singapore in the amount of SGD 766,000 (equivalent to about HK$4.5 million). The project is led by Prof. Theng Yin

Winson Secures One More Research Grant

Recently Winson Peng was awarded an Academic Research Fund (AcRF) Tier 1 Grant at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. The grant is in the amount of SGD72,000 (equivalent to HKD450,000), which will be used to support a 3-year research project entitled “Unravelling the Diffusion Dynamics of Viral Marketing Messages: Roles of Structural Positions, Messages Characteristics, and