2014-2021        Speaking of Ideas @SCAD

This is a required course for all SCAD students. This course invites students to study techniques of oral communication and to read and speak about the ideas they encounter in books on a variety of cultural, historical and social topics.  

2014-2021        Intercultural Communication @SCAD

This is an elective course at SCAD. This course is designed to introduce students to the realities that cultural influences have on communication practices, patterns and outcomes, and to help them become more effective communicators in an ever increasing culturally pluralistic world. Students employ a range of research methodologies to discover strategies and develop skills for bridging cultural differences and successfully navigating the complexities of personal, social and business interactions.

2014-2021        Media Literacy Theory @SCAD

This is an elective course at SCAD. I chose Earl Babbie’s “The Practice of Social Research “as one of the textbooks. Students will explore the major theoretical and methodological approaches to understanding the relationship between media and culture.

2014                 Data Journalism @Fudan University

I was invited by Fudan University in Shanghai, China, to give a two-week workshop on data journalism. I designed the course as a gateway to a better understanding of interactive storytelling, data analysis, and online publishing. Participates were faculty and graduate students from top universities. This workshop was the first-of-its-kind in China.

2014-2016       Data Visualization @City University of Hong Kong

I was invited to offer the workshop three years in a row at City University of Hong Kong. Participates were faculty and graduate students from top universities in China and Hong Kong SAR.